They Are Not Like Us (music Tsar, lyrics Mikomi)

May the Force Be With You!

I am the fear among your bones
I shake the flesh, born every atom.
I am the world among the stones
I am the pain in every quantum

You are like me - we all are equal
We take a breath with out a fear
We make a dig - we think it's vital
But make things small by making clear

We all came here to be imprisoned
We stare at night to see our home...
We live in past so far from present
Yet we believe that help will come.

They're not like us! They all are dreamers,
They are so strong to kill this "real".
To hear no lie, to stop the rumours,
They stake their souls all not to kneel.

I am like them! I hope to be!
I want to break the chains of mind!
I'd take the chance! I hear the beat -
My heart and ears, and eyes - ain't blind!

2007-11-26 в 01:57 

Азм есть Царь
Зачёт! :super:

2007-11-26 в 02:23 

May the Force Be With You!
Царёк Это ж наше))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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